Latest Technologies, Sports Injuries, and all in Upper Limb and Lower Limb

by Jochen Fischer


Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP)

This is a new and promising technology harvesting the healing powers of the body’s own fat. A small sample of fat from the abdomen is harvested with a needle and is then specially prepared. The resulting fluid is then injected into the affected joint. Treatment with Lipogems is thought to aid natural healing processes by supporting the repair and regeneration of damaged tissues. The treatment is typically used for patients with painful arthritis. The early scientific results are promising. Only time will tell whether the treatment will deliver on it’s early promise in the long-term. A number of websites claim, that Lipogems is a stem cell treatment, but this is controversial and not strictly the case. For patients with painful arthritis who would otherwise need a joint replacement, treatment with Lipogems can potentially improve pain and function for a lengthy period of time. More information can be found here.