The Manchester Orthopaedic Group is a group of Orthopaedic and affiliated specialists who provide a comprehensive musculoskeletal diagnostic and treatment service. We are based at Manor Lodge consulting rooms at the Alexandra Hospital Cheadle, but also consult at The Spire Hospitals in Manchester and Macclesfield. Surgical procedures are undertaken at the same locations.

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Latest Treatments and Technologies

  • Platelet Rich Plasma

    Platelet Rich Plasma

    Platelet-Rich-Plasma is a fairly new and innovative treatment. PRP is a concentrated preparation of ...

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  • Lipogems


    This is a new and promising technology harvesting the healing powers of the body’s own fat. A small ...

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    nSTRIDE autologous protein solution is a groundbreaking new treatment for patients with arthritis. T...

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  • Cartiva implant for base of thumb arthritis

    Cartiva implant for base of thumb arthritis

    For patients with severe arthritis at the base of the thumb surgery is often the treatment of last r...

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